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Sabai Room Soapy Massage Parlor Pattaya

Where is Sabai Room Soapy Massage?

It is located on Second Road North Pattaya opposite Central Marina Shopping Center. This is one of the original soapy massage shops to be established in Pattaya.

I had my first introduction to Thai soapy massage at this establishment back in 1996. Now in 2017 it is still keeping up with its competitors although the interior has become a little shabby. But we are not going there to check out the decor are we. No its the employees we are interested in. Those lovely ladies behind the glass wall.

In the early days of this soapy massage parlor’s life the pricing structure was very different to what it is now. Back then there was a flat rate of 400 to 500 baht paid to the parlor and the masseuse fee was left negotiable but with an understanding that the starting price might be around 500 baht.

Then depending upon how you approached the girl, an even better deal could be struck for around 800 to 900 baht all inclusive. Those days might be gone but the opportunities are still present.

Currently the rate at Sabai Room Massage is fixed at:

  • 1,300 baht for 90 minutes.
  • 1,800 for 2 hours

The Best Soapy Massage

So now you are searching the internet to find out which massage parlor has the best girls. Well you might save a lot of time and misinformation if you consider that, in a way, the girls are all equal.

Yes some are prettier than others but they are all Thai and are all trained to perform the same task. Each of the top five massage parlors has its fair share of average lookers, pretty ladies, and stunners.

At the Sabai Room the girls each have a white button with a two or three digit ID number attached to their attire.

I found the attendants at the Sabai Room, on most occasions, not as intrusive as one of the attendants I got to know at Honey 2. Sometimes they can be a bit pushy, asking you if you have made up your mind yet and consistently recommending a particular number.

The Soapy Massage Procedure

The procedure is similar at all the top level massage parlors.

Some steps in the procedure do get swapped around and on odd occasions one step might be ignored. Quite often that is the first step; being sensually and slowly disrobed by the masseuse.

Now I can go ahead and write up a review of my experience at this particular massage parlor. And I will write a little about it shortly.

But the procedure is usually very much the same in all the major soapy parlors. The layout is also similar in all of them. That will be a well appointed private split level room with a king size bed, a spa tub and a spacious tiled floor in the spa area ready to lay down a rubber mattress upon which you should enjoy your soapy body massage.

What Happens in a Soapy Massage Parlor?

Here it is as I have experienced it.
After ogling all the girls in the foyer you choose your girl.

The attendant calls her to link up with you.
Next is the “Golden Moment“.
An opportunity for you to set the scene for a memorable experience. This is important.

Then you pay the fee before going to the room.
After paying the fee you go to the room with the girl.


When you get to the room the spa tub might still be filling up or your girl will have to attend to it. The disrobing could begin at this point.

However on some occasions you might be asked if you would like to order an expensive drink from the bar.

A room maid will fetch the drink(s) and you might be expected to offer a tip. This will depend upon what happened during the golden moment step.

After disrobing you will head on over to the spa for your first plunge.
Sometimes the girl will jump in the tub with you or just give you a sponging while she kneels at the side of the tub.
You can tell her your preference.

Next its an out of the tub experience and on to the rubber mattress on the floor. She will usually soap it up first then ask you to lie on the rubber mattress. Then she should playfully pour and drip soap suds all over your naked body.

After that is the close body contact part where she entwines her naked body with yours slipping and sliding, massaging various parts of your anatomy with her arms, legs, knees, elbows, fingers, palms, butt and crotch.

Depending upon how you spent your “golden moment” this ecstasy could last a while.

Next part of the procedure is to jump back into the tub and wash off all the suds.
During the “old days” if we had negotiated for just a soapy massage without the serious stuff the girl would use this part of the procedure to upgrade your experience.

At this point knowing a few Thai love words and phrases would enhance the experience.
And here is what happened to me a few times back then.

While slipping and sliding she would several times slide me briefly inside her from many positions. Lastly with her knees either side of my waist she would hover over me with her lips just on my tip and whisper,
“Do you want it?”
And I would answer playfully, “Could you do all that and ask me again I didn’t hear you.”
It didn’t take long to make a decision.

Back to the present.

After washing off all those soap suds its time to towel down and adjourn to the bed for a short Thai style massage before the grand finale.

What you do for the grand finale is entirely up to the two of you.

Summing up. If you pay attention around the time of the Golden Moment then you should be able to ensure that your soapy massage adventure is a memorable experience.

Accommodation Tip:
Want to stay in a nice hotel just 5 minutes walk from the top two Pattaya Soapy Massage Parlors?
Quiet with ocean views.
Walk 2 minutes to “Subway” sandwich bar and “Burger King”.
The hotel is just 10 meters from the beach.
Book this hotel on line and save 35% on the “walk-in” rate.

How To Get Dates With Any Asian Girls You Want

I’m always looking to meet beautiful new Asian girls, and I don’t limit my “intros” to when I’m at the bars and nightclubs. You’ll actually meet some of the BEST Asian girls during the daytime — and yet 95% of men have NO GAME when it comes to approaching random girls while the sun is still up.

This is why I want to give you some quick tips on “day game” — how to start conversations with beautiful Asian girls without it feeling weird or awkward.

I’ll often start things off by paying the girl an original compliment. I notice a detail of her appearance that most guys wouldn’t think to comment on…

I pay her a compliment on it… and then I use it to TRANSITION into a conversation.

What should you compliment her on?

I can always notice some little detail, because I’ve been practicing this stuff for years…but if you have a hard time coming up with compliments, here’s a helpful exercise.

Sit down in a place that has a lot of pedestrian traffic walking by (like a café at a shopping mall).

Watch the women walking past.

Notice details.

If you were suddenly thrust into a conversation and HAD to compliment them on something, what would you say?

It could be a piece of jewelry, their purse, shoes, their hair style, even a cool tattoo. Then there are the girls who simply carry themselves with confidence, or are smiling and radiating positive energy.

These are also great things to compliment a woman on — as long as it seems genuine and sincere.

Once your mind gets accustomed to noticing positive things about random people, it will be easier for you to find something on the spur of the moment.

What you DON’T want to compliment an Asian girl on is her beauty.

A hot chick already knows she’s hot, and she’s been told this by a million guys who have nothing original to say and are desperately hoping to bang her.

Walking up to her and telling her she has great eyes seems creepy.

But on the other hand, walking up to her and complimenting her hand bag or bracelet — and saying that you’re thinking of buying one like that for your sister — seems natural.

You’ve delivered a sincere-sounding compliment, and now you have a reason to keep talking to her because you need some advice.

Are you with me?

Good…because there are two elements to a successful approach…

1 – The Opener (the first thing you say to catch her attention)

2 – The Transition (moving the conversation towards a topic that will keep things flowing in the right direction).

One of the biggest mistakes that guys make is worrying about the right “opener” or “pickup line”…but then they have no idea what to say NEXT!

(This is when most guys resort to “job interview” mode…asking her a bunch of questions about herself that make her feel like she’s being interrogated by some random weirdo.)

I’ve also found that using a “cell phone opener” is extremely effective with Asian women. When they’re alone in public, Asian girls always seem to be talking and texting on their phones.

And if she’s a hottie, you can assume that she’s packing some cool new model of phone with a bunch of interesting features.

When I’m over in Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines or Malaysia (my favorite spots for macking), I can hang out in a mall and start conversations with women all day long regarding their cell phones.

I’ll observe a girl sending a text message or making a phone call, and when she’s done I’ll casually walk up to her and say…

“Pardon me, what type of phone is that? I told my friend I’d buy her a phone for her birthday, and I think that’s the one she wants.”

(This immediately gets her interest. You buy phones as birthday gifts for your female friends? You must be a cool generous dude, huh?)

I’ll ask her to show me her phone’s features.

Does it play MP3s?

Can I listen on her headphones to see how it sounds?

Does the phone take good pictures? Can it shoot video?

These are all reasons for you to move in close to her, in a way that feels natural. Ask her to show you her pictures so that you can see the quality of its built-in camera.

Asian girls always have pictures stored on their cell phones. This provides you with ENDLESS ways to keep the conversation flowing!

Comment on her pictures, ask questions about the people in the pictures, etc…make some jokes, do some light teasing, make her “qualify” herself to you, etc.

This book lays out HUNDREDS of effective techniques for carrying on the conversation and building ATTRACTION. Give it a quick look:

The Secrets Of Dating Asian Women

Now, after a few minutes of “strategic” conversation, YOU are going to be the one to end the interaction on a positive note. (And of course, you’re going to get her phone number.)

You take your phone out of your pocket and press the buttons to open up your “Contacts”…

As you do this, say “It’s been cool talking to you. I’ll text you sometime — how do I spell your name?”

She’ll spell out her name, you’ll program it into your phone, and you’re done.

NEVER ask permission to get her phone number (e.g. “Do you mind if I call you sometime?”) Act like it’s completely natural for you to get her number…and just program it in! Then, tell her you’re going to send her a message, right then and there, so that she will have your number also.

All you need to write is, “It’s John. Thanks for the advice on your cool (fill in the blank — her phone, necklace, shoes, whatever detail you opened the conversation with).”

Once you’ve done this number exchange, don’t hang around the same area trying to chat up other girls. If she sees you an hour later talking to some other girl, she’ll blow you off when you text her later.

And “texting” is going to be your next step.

You’re not going to call her. You’re going to text her, because this is the mode of communication that Asian women are most comfortable with.

It’s also a great way to begin some flirtation… which will lead to SEDUCTION.

If you were to notice how “naturals” interact with women and how they ATTRACT them, you’ll almost always notice how magic happens when their game is “on”. For me, I could literally watch it happen over and over. But when it came to EXPLAINING what
they were doing, they couldn’t exactly explain what they were doing is because what they were doing was mostly NON-VERBAL.

It was a combination of several different types of “signals” they were sending to women… that these guys just “understood.”

After a lot of study, testing, and trial-and-error, the picture began to come together for me…

What these “naturals” were doing was speaking a different “language” with these women. It was a language that no one had ever actually described or explained to me…

The most interesting part?

As I started to do research on the topic, I found that even though this stuff was right out “in plain sight,” no one had ever really noticed or DESCRIBED it.

To make a long story short, I took this new “secret” information that I discovered, and put together an entire program to teach it to other guys…

As far as I know, this is the ONLY program of its kind ever created. In fact, I get emails all the time from guys who say that just one time through this program instantly changed their views on Asian women and attraction… and allowed them to spark attraction and build “chemistry” or “sexual tension” with women in every type of situation… IMMEDIATELY.

“Sexy Communication” is what I call it. Asian women LOVE it. And if you want to know EXACTLY how it’s done, check this out:

The Secrets Of Dating Asian Women

Good luck, and use this information responsibly…this is VERY intense, powerful stuff!

Where To Go To Meet Sexy Asian Women

A lot of guys aren’t really sure WHERE TO GO to meet Asian women. Let’s face it, a lot of the high-quality girls aren’t found in the bars and nightclubs…and certainly not the girls who are the “shy type” (which does describe a fairly large percentage of Asian women), or are busy with their studies. That’s why it’s time for you to think “outside the box.”

I’m going to explain a few GREAT environments where you can meet tons of Asian hotties…and one of the big advantages of meeting them in these places is that their “guard” isn’t up. You can strike up conversations with girls in a way that feels friendly and natural.

* Art Galleries and Festivals.
Check your local newspapers for announcements about events featuring Asian artists or crafts. Not only are these awesome places to meet girls, but it’s also an opportunity for you to pick up some items that will improve your home décor. (Having some cool Asian artwork or furnishings will create great topics of conversation when you have girls over to your place.)

* Asian Supermarkets.
These days, most towns and cities in the Western part of the world have significant Asian populations, and there are Asian supermarkets that cater to their dietary preferences.

I’ve wound up dating several Asian girls that I met in these places. Usually, I’ll grab an item off the shelf and ask a girl for her help in translating the ingredients.
I’ll tell her that I’m going to a birthday party for an Asian friend of mine, and I want to try to prepare a dish to bring. (The more clueless I seem about how to cook Asian food, the more amused and helpful the girl will be! Sometimes, these conversations wind up with me inviting her to come and cook her favorite dish at my apartment.)

* Auto Shows.
Young Asian people are into fast, flashy, souped-up cars. (If you’ve seen any of the “Fast And The Furious” movies, you know what I’m talking about.) Plus, these shows often hire super-hot Asian models to show off the vehicles. Definitely worth checking out!

* Business/Computer Conventions.
A lot of mature, professional (but sexy!) Asian women attend these conventions to network and further their careers. These are excellent places to meet women, particularly if you’re looking to meet smart, career-minded ladies.

* Casinos.
The Chinese in particular are very serious about their gambling. If you have casinos in your area they are guaranteed to draw a large number of the local Asian population.

The best places to meet girls are in the food court areas (when they’re taking a break from gambling) or at the tables, if you’re willing to wager some money and know how to play the game.

In my case, I’m a decent blackjack player, so I can always sit down next to an Asian woman and participate in the game with her. As soon as we both win a hand, I’ll give her a high-five and start a friendly conversation with her.

* Chinese Cultural Events and Festivals.
New Year is the most important celebration for the Chinese. It kicks off in February and runs for 15 days! Check your local newspaper and the Internet for news about special events and celebrations, which often include a street festival if you’ve got a Chinatown district in your area. Don’t miss it!

* Asian Health Food Stores.
Asians are big believers in preventive medicine and holistic health (which is good stuff for you to learn about). You can learn a lot by hanging around Asian health food stores, and build your network of Asian women.

* Universities.
I saved the best for last. In America, our institutions of higher learning are absolutely flooded with young Asian women! At several campuses that are part of the University of California, more than 50% of the student body is Asian-American.

This means a huge number of beautiful, intelligent young hotties that are ripe for the picking. Visit your local college campuses, stroll the grounds, and find the “student center” where people hang out and take study breaks.

You’re sure to find bulletin boards where upcoming events and activities are advertised. Go to any Asian-themed events.

A perfect conversation starter: tell girls that you’re thinking about taking a course in a subject that interests you.

These are just a few quick ideas to get you on the right track. The “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” program contains an entire chapter on places to meet Asian women… and of course, on top of that, you’ll also be getting ALL of the insider tactics on how to approach Asian girls, start conversations, build connections, and easily get phone numbers and dates.

Give it a quick look here (and don’t miss out on the KILLER free bonuses as well!):

The Secrets Of Dating Asian Women

(These tactics have worked for me and my friends like a CHARM…and not just when we’re traveling in Asia. These tactics are proven to be just as effective with Asian women in your own country, your own city, your own town!)

Enjoy — and start putting these skills to good use!


How To Get A Beautiful Chinese Girlfriend

Chinese women shouldn’t be too hard to find if you if live in a large American city. A lot of affluent Chinese families have been sending their daughters to study in the USA and perfect their English, since they recognize English as the global language of doing business—and the Chinese are all about business.

These women usually graduate from college and find jobs with Western companies. If you work in a Western corporation, the type of Asian women you are most likely to work with are Chinese women. Often, they are sexy, intelligent, and speak very good English.

In other words, they are a formidable challenge. These are not your average “third world girls” who are easily dazzled. The fact that you are a foreigner doesn’t carry much weight with them. These women know they have options, and so they tend to be choosy about the men they date.

They also come from a culture where money, status and power are the most important qualities in a man—and the hottest women are accustomed to dating super-wealthy men (sometimes much older than they are), who set them up with whatever they want.

A few aspects of Chinese women you need to know about:

First, I’m speaking in general terms here. The cute, shy girl who works at your local Chinese restaurant is not going to have the same values and expectations as the super-hot, confident Chinese chick that comes from a ritzy area of Hong Kong and has dated millionaires.

The advice found throughout this program applies very well to “regular” Chinese women. But as China has evolved into a major global superpower, it also has created a large class of hot young women who are used to being around a lot of money—and Chinese men who spend huge amounts to “own” them.
Chinese Dating, Singles and Personals
You will find these beautiful, high-end Chinese girls in the nightclubs and shopping districts of New York, Los Angeles or Las Vegas—sporting Louis Vuitton purses and expensive designer outfits. They’re usually either enrolled in an American university, or there on holiday with their friends.

I know that a confident guy with the right skills can seduce any woman (and I’m living proof), but hot Chinese girls that come straight out of big-money Chinese culture will usually only go with you if they know you have the right financial status.

It’s not the same with many super-hot Western women (models, strippers, etc) where you can use a “bad boy” edge to get them to feel sexual attraction. Chinese women, being more practical and less emotional than American women, aren’t so much interested in dating a “hot” guy who doesn’t have his act together. They are much more likely to date men who aren’t impressive in the looks department, but have the financial resources to spoil them with the lifestyle they want.

Another thing to keep in mind: Chinese men look down on women who have been married before, or have children. It is very difficult for these women to find a quality man inside their own race. For this reason, Chinese women won’t hesitate to leave their country and a good-paying job to find love again somewhere else.

In China, improving one’s quality of life through marriage is a tradition. Nowadays, many single women in the big cities in China have a good quality of life — but in the more remote parts of the country, the idea of meeting a Western man, getting married, and moving to his country to find love is very attractive. However, they probably speak little (if any) English. This can make meeting these girls over the Internet a challenge. Better, if possible, for you to go “to the source” and scout out these places for yourself.

These are various dialects in China (it’s a vast country!) Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien are the major dialects that you are likely to encounter. But because the wealthy Chinese families recognize English as the global language for doing business, they will often speak English at home.

Chinese women have gained a lot of rights and respect as equals in recent years. Some women don’t care about getting married and will co-habitat with their boyfriends because they prefer a no-strings-attached relationship; if things don’t work out, they are prepared to move on.

Chinese Dating, Singles and Personals The new generation of young Chinese women are a lot more open to expressing themselves sexually than they were in the past. You see this with a lot of sex videos that get “leaked” to the Internet, involving Chinese celebrities. It’s now common for Chinese girls to let their boyfriends take sexy photos and videos of them.

Hot Chinese girls will usually expect the “5C” from their lover: Cash, Car, Condominium, Career, Credit Card. “Giving your girlfriend a gold credit card is out of style,” says my friend D.H, a Hong Kong businessman. “Now they want Platinum or AMEX-Black Card. It’s a status symbol. Money is king in China—you’ll see a lot of fat, ugly guys driving a luxury car with a super-hot girl in the passenger seat.”

But this is not to say that you need to be a high roller to date hot Chinese women. They are vulnerable to guys who are “sweet talkers” and create a sense of romance. Tell them you love them, kiss them, take them on romantic trips…if she hasn’t already been spoiled rotten by high rollers, you’ve got a shot.

When I talked to my friend D.H. about romancing Chinese women, he spoke to me in practical terms (as the Chinese always do): “In China, when we’re not with our girlfriends or wives, we just pay when we want sex. It’s not a big deal, it’s what guys do. There are many places in China which have a poor quality of life, and as long as you can pay, you can get any kind of sex you want. But if you want a relationship in a big city like Shanghai or Beijing, you need to have money. Once a woman has her own ‘income power,’ she will be very selective about who she will date.”

D.H. told me a story about a friend of his, a hot Chinese woman who is the mistress to the CEO of a major company. When the CEO found out she was pregnant with his baby, he said he would pay her $1 million to deliver a baby girl, and $3 million if it was a baby boy.

These scenarios aren’t unusual in the big Chinese cities: rich guys use their money to lay out the terms of the relationship. The beautiful young women are naturally going to hang out in places where they can interact with high-status, big-money Chinese men. And if a Chinese guy likes one of these women, he’s not going to fuck around and waste time. He is going to treat it like a business deal: he will supply the “5 C’s,” and she will be available for sex when he wants it.

The bottom line is that a Chinese woman wants to be given respect and have her man make her feel like she is the most important person in the world—his “one and only.” Beyond the Chinese girls who are obsessed with material possessions and status symbols, if you look around, you will have the opportunity to meet simpler, down-to-earth Chinese women who will respond positively to a Western guy who shows her loyalty, commitment and romance.

Chinese Phrases To Help You Flirt:

Hi, you look pretty today: Hai, jing tian ni kan qi lai hen mei.

May I know your name: Wo ke yi zhi dao ni de ming zii ma?

I’m trying to learn Chinese but I only know a little bit: Wo zheng zai xue hua yu, dan wo zhi dong yi dian dian.

My name is John: Wo jiao John.

Can you tell me how to find ______: Qing wen _______ zen yang qu?

You have beautiful eyes: Ni you shuang mei li de yan jing.

Goodbye, I will see you soon: Bai bai,wo hen kuai zai jian dao ni.

You are very beautiful: Ni hen mei li.

You are very cute: Ni hen ke ai.

I miss you: Wo xiang ni.

Do you have a boyfriend: Ni you nan peng you ma?

Can you be my girlfriend: Ni ke yi dang wo de nu peng you ma.

I want to kiss you: Wo xiang qin ni.

You are my sweetheart: Ni shi wo de tian xin.

You are my darling: Ni shi wo de ai ren.

I love you: Wo ai ni.

And if you’re ready for an IN-DEPTH education on everything from the PRECISE way to approach Asian women and start conversations…to getting numbers and dates and taking things to a “physical level”…then you MUST get your hands on a copy of this:

How To Seduce Asian Women

It’s JAM PACKED with over HUNDREDS of concepts, strategies, and specific techniques to ensure you get ANY Asian woman you want.

I get emails all the time from guys who are reviewing the program two, three, and even five or MORE times because there’s just so much information packed into it.

You’ll not only hear Dean teaching his personal techniques and secrets, but you’ll ALSO learn from some of the WORLD’S BEST with women…as they reveal THEIR deepest seduction & attraction secrets as well:

How To Seduce Asian Women

To Your Success!


How To Attract Asian Women – 4 Easy Steps

Succeeding with Asian women — and succeeding in life, really — is all about expanding your “comfort zone.” If you currently are not dating and having sex on a regular basis with attractive women, then it’s time for you to make some changes. Here’s a solid piece of advice to start with:

#1. Get To Know The “Gate Keepers.”

It’s very important for you to start building “gate keeper” relationships. This means making AAF’s (Asian Female Friends) who will then give you access to more Asian women. You probably won’t be having sex with any of these AAFs. Their function will be to introduce you to their cute friends and get you into their social circles.

When Asian women go out, they tend to hang together in groups, and it can be extremely hard to “penetrate” the group and introduce yourself when you don’t know any of them. The best possible way to meet a beautiful Asian girl is to be introduced to her by one of her friends who knows you (and “vouches” for you as a good guy).

Many times I’ve been in nightclubs in California or Las Vegas and I see a group of Asian girls I’d love to be with. Some of them are very cute, but usually there are one or two girls in the group who are short, chubby and unattractive. Those are the girls that it’s easy to make friends with.

Then, the next time they all go out to the club or to a party, guess what? You’ll be invited to come along, and you can get to know all of them in a way that feels comfortable and natural for everyone. The “gate keeper” will go out of her way to make sure you are enjoying yourself and meeting all of her friends.

Asian women are really cool in this way. I’ve known plain-looking divorced Asian women in their 40s who I never slept with (and didn’t want to), but because I was friendly and charming towards them, they bent over backwards to fix me up with their cute, younger single friends!

I have met awesome “gate keepers” at my work. These women are starved for attention from men, so they’re happy to make friends with me. In a lot of cases, as soon as I mention that I’m single, the woman will start offering to introduce me to her single Asian friends who are looking for boyfriends!

(Like I said, Asian women love to play “match maker” and hook up their friends with nice guys — especially a nice foreign guy.)

The next thing you know, you might get invited to a birthday party where you’re surrounded by 20 Asian women and you’re the only foreigner — so of course, they’re all curious to meet you, and your gate keeper friend is introducing you to everyone.
You can meet these “gate keepers” anywhere — it could be your neighbor, a woman at your job, from your church, a class you are taking, etc.

So, building your network of casual Asian female friends is the first step. When you’re ready to take it to the next level, you can become the organizer of social activities. Host a dinner party and tell your gate keepers to bring some single friends to meet you and your friends. Plan a picnic or barbeque at the beach. This way, you’re taking the responsibility off of the gate keeper (these women are normally putting themselves in charge of organizing activities for their social groups), and you are offering to plan a fun occasion for her and her friends. They’ll be thrilled when you extend this type of initiation.

#2. Know How To Read The Signals.

For a lot of years I just didn’t “get it.” I missed out on so many opportunities to bang Asian women because I didn’t “take the hint” and recognize that these women wanted to sleep with me! I thought they were just being friendly, and I didn’t want to risk making a move and getting rejected. Knowing how to read the “attraction signals” of Asian women will save you a lot of regret later on.

Once you start making more Asian female friends and spending time hanging out with them, you will notice the slight verbal and nonverbal “cues” that they use to communicate their interest in you.

In the past, I’d have AFF’s say things to me like, “So what are you doing this weekend?” “Can you help me with my homework?” “I’m so stressed out, let’s go drinking.” Or they’d give me compliments like “Wow, do you work out?” Or, “you’re so smart.” I thought they were just being friendly. I didn’t realize that Asian women typically won’t say these kinds of things, due to their shyness. The fact that they were saying these things, and extending invitations to, really meant one thing: they wanted to fuck me.

When I was in graduate school, I had cute classmates from Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand come to my crappy little on-campus apartment to study with me. I thought they just wanted to study; I didn’t want to creep them out by trying something sexual. But now I realize that they were totally up for sex. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been hanging out at my apartment until midnight. It was an unusually aggressive move for an Asian woman to invite herself to my place to “study” at night.

But I didn’t read the signals…so we would study, and she would go home. If only I’d read the signals and “escalated” with these girls (read the “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” book for more information on this process).

She might make the first move by inviting herself over, but the next move is always going to be up to you. If you don’t escalate, nothing sexual is going to happen.

Now I realize that when a female Asian co-worker or “friend” asks me to come over and see her house, because she wants to get my opinion on whether she should sell it, renovate it, or whatever, I read the signals and I know what this “invitation” is really about. I always show up with a small “house warming” gift, and within minutes of me walking in the door she is practically tearing my clothes off.

Follow up on all hints of interest in a polite and focused manner. If she says “you should come see my house sometime,” don’t just say “yeah, OK, let me know when you want me to come by.” Tell her you can come by on Saturday or Sunday, and ask her which is better for her. Make a plan. Don’t blow your chance.

#3. Love them and they will love you back with great intensity.

I’ve noticed that Asian men tend to treat their women rather poorly compared to how we treat women as Westerners. (Honestly, a lot of Western guys go overboard when they like a girl…kissing her ass, spending money on her, trying to rush her into committing to a serious relationship, etc. I always respect women and treat them like a gentleman, but you never want to act like a spineless chump who feels lucky to be with her.)

If an Asian woman is extremely beautiful by the standards of her society, then of course guys are going to kiss her ass and treat her like a princess. But that’s only 1% or 2% of Asian women. The rest are often severely lacking in self-confidence. If she’s past her mid-twenties and still single, she may be afraid that she’ll never find a man. Where she comes from, women are held to an extremely high standard.

If she’s been married before, or already has a kid, most Asian guys wouldn’t even consider dating her. If she’s older than 26, she’s also considered to be “past her expiration date.” And the standards of beauty where she comes from are incredibly high: you’ve got to be tall, graceful, have flawless skin, and be from a good family. This is why most Asian women are self-conscious about their looks and don’t consider themselves to be special or unique.

The point is, by loving the Asian woman that you are with at the moment and giving her your complete attention, you will make her feel extremely special. This means keep your cell phone turned off, hold her hand in a proud way when you walk with her, pay for everything, be polite and respectful, and tell her the little things about her that you find cute or sexy. (Her laugh, her smile, her hair, the way she walks, etc.)

When she says negative things about herself, don’t allow it. Communicate to her that she is totally unique and special to you. Take her out to do fun things—go on weekend trips, romantic “date nights,” sports games, etc. When you share your fun experiences with her, this will make her feel bonded to you.

If you’re reading this right now and you would like to learn more ‘secrets’ on how to get an Asian woman to come home with you AND come inside with you after a date, how to get her “turned on”, and how to smoothly take things to a “physical level” in a way that she’ll enjoy, then you SERIOUSLY should check this out:

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10 Reasons Why Guys Love Asian Women

The physical appeal of Asian women is undeniable. Their long, silky hair…slim, firm, petite bodies…and even the graceful way that they walk. (Asian women tend to move in a poised, sensuous way — while many Western women tend to stride or charge ahead in a more determined, almost masculine, manner — like an NFL linebacker looking to put a hit on the quarterback!)

I’m sure you get turned on by their sensual, exotic features. And of course, Asian women possess a sense of innocence that makes us curious to know more about them. It’s a turn-on to think that beneath that shy, polite exterior lies a simmering sexuality that is waiting to be unleashed!

But if you were to admit this preference to a Western woman, she’d probably respond with scorn. She’ll assume that your attraction to Asian women is all about wanting a “submissive slave” who will wait on you hand and foot and cater to your sexual needs. The B.W.W. (Bitter Western Woman) believes that guys who are into Asian girls aren’t “strong” enough or “man” enough to handle a “real woman.”

This couldn’t be farther from the truth, and you already know this if you’ve been with Asian women. The Asian girlfriends I’ve had have been smart, self-sufficient, opinionated and strong. Yet at the same time, they radiate pure femininity.
They make a man feel like…well, like a MAN!

This is the way you and I were born to feel, and it’s what we need in order to feel happy and good about ourselves. Just ask any of your married buddies who have been beaten down and emasculated by their nagging, overbearing wives.

Having an attraction towards Asian women isn’t any weird “fetish,” nor does it suggest that you are in any way deficient or unable to handle a relationship with a woman of your own race. On the contrary, I say that you are enlightened! You’re willing to think “outside the box” and not follow the same script that your friends do — the guys who settle for whatever girl they can get, because they’re convinced that in order to date stunningly beautiful women (or a hot younger woman) you need to be rich, famous or have movie-star good looks.

These guys accept the idea that they’re never going to be with a hot, sexy, hard-bodied woman who respects and adores them — and so, once they reach a certain age, they marry a girl who they think is “compatible” with them (which usually means, she’s as boring and ordinary as he is).

But how many of these guys wind up being truly happy and sexually fulfilled? Personally, I don’t know of many. I just know that a lot of married friends of mine beg their wives for the chance to hang out with me. They tell their wives that they need to come over to Asia and visit me “for business,” but the real reason is that they know I will introduce them to beautiful Asian women.

Look, we’re all driven by the same needs and desires that we shared with our ancestors 10,000 years ago. We are hard-wired to be men. We desire women who are soft and feminine, and respond to our masculinity and strength. Asian women cater to this need like no other type of female.

I believe there are a number of valid, important reasons why men find Asian women so appealing. Some of these reasons, we’re not even aware of on a conscious level.

Here are some of the big ones. (Note, these characteristics do not apply to all Asian women. I’m talking about the caliber of Asian women that you’ll want to meet and be with.)

#1 They have strong sexual appeal.

The silky hair; flawless skin; petite, hard bodies; and exotic Oriental features add up to combination that a lot of men find irresistible.

Plus, anatomically, the Asian face (particularly the women with more Oriental features) is constructed so that it seems to convey less expression and emotion than the faces of Caucasian people. The construct of their faces makes Asian women more “difficult to read” than Caucasian women, who tend to express and share their feelings constantly (whether we’re in the mood to know about their feelings, or not!).

This gives Asian woman an air of mystery and unpredictability, which is deeply attractive to men — because we’re hard-wired to thrive on the thrill of the hunt.

Asian women also have excellent skin quality, and tend to develop less wrinkles than Caucasian woman as they get older — which is why Asian women can remain strikingly beautiful well into middle age.

#2 They tend to be quite approachable.

In my experience, there is no question that Asian women are more approachable than Western women and they love being flirted with. Simply walk up to most Asian women, give them a warm smile, and say to them in their native language, “You’re so pretty,” and you’ll often get a smile in return — and that will be enough to start a conversation. With an American woman, this would probably get you a dirty look (or worse).

The fact is, Asian women smile more. It’s part of their culture. You can tour provinces in the Philippines that are poorer than anything you’ve ever seen, and the people (and the women, in particular) will always greet you with a smile.

Thailand is literally known as “The Land Of Smiles” because people smile all the time. (This can be confusing to foreigners, since the “Thai smile” can actually mean a lot of different things — I explain this in the “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” book. But at any rate, it beats being around a bunch of frowning, frumpy Western women!)

Try walking around a shopping mall in Bangkok, Jakarta or Manila — your mind will be blown by how many pretty young women are simply willing to smile at you when you make eye contact.

Contrast this with the hot women in America. They will frown most of the time in order to assert that they can’t be bothered with meeting anyone new. They will automatically consider you to be a loser, or some type of threat, until you prove otherwise.

Of course, a lot of Asian women are much shyer than Western women — or seem to be shy, until you engage them in a friendly way and get them to open up.

Don’t think that their shy exterior makes Asian women more difficult to approach. In fact, you’ll find that part of their shyness stems from their great concern with being polite.

At that point, the key is knowing how to build their interest and attraction. The “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” program will show you how to do that.

#3 They are excellent homemakers, and take pride in managing the household.

Visit a home run by an Asian woman, and you’ll find that it is always organized and clean. The meals are prepared with care, the husband always wears clean clothes, and the children are well-fed and neatly dressed. Unless your Asian sweetheart is from a rich family that employed servants, she was helping out with household duties starting at a young age.

Even the poorest families keep their living space as clean as possible. In Asia, women will always make sure that your home is clean, and they will take pride in cooking your meals and keeping you well-fed.

#4 They have a rich sense of culture and heritage.

Many Westerners are fascinated by the colorful, exotic, mysterious cultures of Asia, which are steeped in history. In recent times, Asia has gotten a reputation as being rather trendy among Westerners. This is particularly true with Japan, which Westerners have begun to recognize as a Mecca for fashion. (Japanese girls are years ahead of Western girls, with their super-cool, futuristic styles of dress.)

Why else would so many Caucasians, both men and women, put tattoos of Chinese and Japanese characters on their bodies, thinking it makes them look hip and “spiritual” — even though they’ve never even visited those countries? (Very lame, if you ask me…)

By dating an Asian woman, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more her fascinating culture — including its beliefs, traditions, music, cuisine, movies, arts, and history. This isn’t the case when you date a woman who grew up in the town next to yours. Being able to constantly learn new things about her culture, while sharing yours with her, can be a big advantage in a relationship. There is less chance of the two of you growing bored with each other. When you date an Asian woman and have genuine appreciation for her culture and background, there are new things for you to explore every day.

#5 Asian women place a high value on relationships and have unconditional love for their family.

Another attractive aspect of Asian women is that unlike most of their counterparts in Western countries, they put tremendous value on their families and relationships. Choose the right partner, and she’ll be highly loyal to you and will avoid doing anything that will damage the relationship. This tends to bring out the best in you as a man.

Did you know that the Philippines is one of only two countries in the world where there is no divorce? It does not exist. Filipinas are raised to believe that when they marry, it is for life. Even in other, more developed Asian countries (where there is divorce), it is considered a shameful last resort — unlike in Western countries, where the attitude isn’t until “til death us part.” It’s more like, “Let’s give it a try, and if it’s not working out six months from now, I’ll take your house and half your money, dumbass…”

Again, I must remind you that I am speaking in general terms here. Are all Asian women passionately loyal and committed to their relationships? Of course not. There are plenty of warped women and gold diggers out there; you’ve got to keep your wits about you and know to avoid them. (Which can be difficult when you find yourself dating an Asian girl with the tightest body you’ve ever laid your hands on!) The “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” book contains some very helpful tips on this.

#6 We believe the attraction is mutual.

A big reason why a lot of guys “hone in” on Asian women is that they’ve been told that Asian women are as attracted to foreigners as we are to them. This idea of a “mutual fascination” is appealing to guys who are tired of jumping through hoops to try to date Western women.

If you are reasonably attractive and have light skin, it is true that many Asian women will have a built-in automatic attraction towards you. Part of this comes from their desire to have light-skinned children, since light skin, in their culture, is considered beautiful and high-status.

#7 Dealing with interracial stigmas is not really an issue.

Western society is a lot more tolerant of other races than it was 100, or even 50, years ago. In America, we elected a black President, which would have been unthinkable only a decade ago. But racism does persist in different forms, and there is still some unease in the West when it comes to interracial relationships.

For example, a white man marrying a black woman, or a black man marrying a white woman, is still considered unacceptable (or at least, inappropriate) in the minds of many Westerners. This isn’t usually the case when a Western man hooks up with an Asian woman. It has been accepted for quite a while. I’m not saying this is a reason to choose Asian women over those of another race, but the reality is, going this route does make it easier for you to “cross the racial divide” if you choose a woman who is not of your own race.

Interracial relationships between non-Asian men, and Asian women, have become very common. And it’s silly for some people to think that the differences in your upbringing and culture, and those of an Asian woman, will create difficulties. In fact, these differences can give the relationship an added dimension that keeps things interesting.

(One difference in backgrounds that can create obstacles is if you marry an Asian woman who comes from a very poor family, since you may be expected to provide financial support for her relatives. I talk more about this in the “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” book.)

But as far as the difference between your culture and hers, it shouldn’t present any problems. If any of your friends or family members have an issue with you being with a woman who you love — simply because she is Asian — they need to get with the times and broaden their horizons. (I find that most people who take a dim view of my preference for Asian women are, themselves, starving for companionship or trapped in miserable relationships with women of their own race.)

#8 They are spiritually grounded.

Many Asian women observe a religion and take it seriously. Whether she worships God, Buddha or whomever, religion tends to give Asian women a sense of calmness and inner peace that many Western women lack. Asian women don’t need to do constant “soul searching” and fret about what is lacking in their lives. For the Asian woman, a loving partner, a happy, healthy household, and the love of her family and God is enough.

#9 They have a hardworking nature.

Asian women typically start helping out their families from a very young age, waking up early to help out with house-hold chores. This is a dramatic difference from the way children are typically raised in Western countries. Also, they believe in working hard in order to provide a better future for their families.

This is evident in immigrant communities throughout the Western world; they’ll work 24 hours a day if it means being able to send money home and enabling family members to migrate there and join them. These people respect the value of hard work — and a woman from this type of background is not going to turn into a spoiled “princess” once you marry her.

#10 Asian women take great pride in their appearance.

Even if they’re only stepping out to shop for groceries, Asian women always want to look presentable. Going to the salon is a ritual. They feel it’s important to stay sexy for their man. This is a far cry from the way many Western women behave once they’re married and no longer need to worry about landing a husband. They start packing on the pounds, and would rather wear sweat pants and baggy shirts than the short skirts and tight-fitting jeans that sexy Asian women prefer.

(If you’re still wondering why Western women have negative things to say about Western guys who marry Asian women…can you say “jealousy?”)

It took me a long time to figure out how to date and attract Asian women, and how to make them feel that powerful physical and emotional response called ATTRACTION…

I can’t tell you how much I wish I could have known all these stuff here when I was younger. It’s taken me literally YEARS to put all the pieces together, and I know of no other resource that shows you exactly how to become a MASTER with Asian women as this:

The Secrets Of Dating Asian Women

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The Secrets Of Dating Asian Women

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Speak Thai Learning Thai Language is easy

In Thailand knowing how to say a few Thai words at the right moment can lead to a bundle of fun.

The benefits of being able to speak Thai are compounding.
Usually the Thais are so happy to hear a foreigner has made an effort to learn their language and somehow they seem to reward you.

Understanding some Thai allows you to get involved in
Thailand especially if you are able to express your feelings.

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If you are going to Pattaya you will find that most Pattaya bar girls speak a little English that is pre rehearsed.  It will be simple English with broken grammar and probably in this order.

What your name?
Where you come from?
Where you stay?
How long you stay Pattaya?
You stay how many day already?
You marry? You have baby?

Here’s the clinger.  A high percentage of Pattaya bar girls
probably won’t understand your answer if it is more than a few words.
Then depending on which country you come from it is possible she won’t understand your accent.

You can have a lot of fun with the Thai girls if you can speak Thai.
Here are just some of the BENEFITS of being able to speak Thai.

* Knowing how to speak Thai will give you insight into the exotic but
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And that’s not all.
With your Thai language skills you can guide yourself around the traps that await
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You can say in Thai what you want, what you feel and what you
think. Thai girls seem to relax with you once they hear you can
communicate in their language.

So how do you learn Thai? Personally I find the best way to
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The next way is with a software program on your computer.
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Bar Girl Madness

Here is a classic example
A friend of mine, Bob, has visited Pattaya three times in the last two years. Bob is a very experienced traveler having traveled to many destinations around the world.

I offered Bob a copy of the Pattaya Bar Girls Report. His reply was, “No thanks mate this is my third trip to Pattaya, and I’m very confident with the girls now.”

That very same evening Bob, myself and two other friends who Bob had been communicating with on one the forums visited a go go bar on the off chance that he might meet up with one of the dancers that he met on a previous visit to Pattaya.

Well, surprise surprise, as we entered the bar there gyrating on the chrome poles was his previous encounter. We walked on and seated ourselves while Bob entranced himself in a lover’s reunion.

Bob soon came over to join us and with a huge grin on his face said, “She remembers me”. Shortly after that Bob’s previous encounter dutifully came over to sit with him. Bob bought several drinks for his girl at the inflated lady drink price and after being pleasantly worked over, he paid her bar fine.

The next morning Bob called me on his mobile. “How did you get on last night?” I asked.
“Bloody rotten” Bob grumbled “She left at 5.30 am. Said she had to go see her son.”
“Did you discuss your preferences before you left the bar?”
“No I’d been with her before last year and she was great.”

You see it pays to L.A.P.T.O.P.
What is that?
It is an acronym of course.
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