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This time Noy really annoyed me, we’d arranged to go to the movies but she’d changed her mind. ‘I don go, too tied’ she said.  ‘Too tired are you joking all you’ve done all day is lay on the bed’.  I left her in the condo with the telly on saying ‘I’m going to play pool with Froby be back about twelve’.  I arranged to meet Frobisher in the Tim Bar a well known go go bar and beer bar on second road in South Pattaya, opposite The Lek Hotel. ‘We’ll have a quiet drink he said, and maybe ogle a few ladies’. That’s a normal part of Pattaya Nightlife

The night was stickier than a Pattaya ladyboy’s tonsils so it was with relief I walked into the air-conned Tim Bar. We sat down along the back wall with the go go girls on their podium in front of us.  We ordered Chang beer from a smiling service girl. It came ice cold, a small bottle for baht 85.

Over the next half hour we were served up some great music along with videos. James Brown from the 70s…Guns and Roses from the 80s…and the Chilli Peppers from the 90s.  A welcome change from the usual copies you hear in the bars. I nodded my thanks to Tim Bar DJ he returned it with a grin.

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There were many Thai girls, go go dancers and service girls. The go go dancers were more or less all pretty. A few were even beautiful. Their costumes were essentially a thong and an excuse for a bra.  Personally The Major prefers a skimpy skirt.

The atmosphere was good in The Tim Bar that night, mainly because of the music played by the Tim Bar DJ.

I’d been catching her eye, she was such a great dancer hardly putting in any effort but managing to be sexier than all the rest of the go go dancers. She was probably about thirty; her body looked about twenty, her face about eighteen.  What a cracker! ‘Sex on legs’ Frobisher said unable to disguise the awe in his voice.  After her dance stint she came over and sat down next to me.  She was even more beautiful close up.  ‘I Fon she said please see you, wha your name’?

We chatted about nothing for a while then I thought O well I’ll just ask her.  ‘You like me’ I said.  ‘I lie, I lie, you ok. Bar fine 600 baht, me? up to you.’  Froby nudged me, ‘ask her about short time he said and she must have heard him because she said   ‘Is 900 altogedder for one ow, if you wan service girl fine only 500’. This was good information so I bought her drink. Lady Drink in the Tim Bar 105 baht and the girl gets a token for 40 baht.  I looked at her thinking, ‘why not I’ll still be back home by twelve.

I didn’t bar fine her though; instead I thought I’d go back and annoy Noy. When it was Fon’s turn to dance again Froby and I slipped away like a pair of seriously unsuccessful thieves in the night.

As I walked into the condo I heard Noy’s distinctive nasal mutterings. She was curled up, cuddling herself asleep as annoying as ever.

Maybe I will slip back to the Tim Beer Bar……..

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What happened when I went back to Tim Bar.

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