Ten Tips about Ladyboys.

First I will approach this article on the basis that you don’t fancy hooking up with a ladyboy for extra curricular activities. Then view it from the other angle where you might be looking to have an encounter with a ladyboy but don’t quite know how to get around to it.

How do you tell the difference between a girl and a ladyboy? In the past the Adam’s apple was the first part of the anatomy to expose the possibility that one might be looking at a man and not a woman.
Now there is an operation that a ladyboy can have to hide that tel tale lump in the throat. That said, I will still add the “apple” to the list of ten ways to spot a KATOEY.

  1. Check the Adam’s apple. Ever seen a girl with one?

  2. Check out the feet and ankles. If they are abnormally large you have a boy on your hands. If the girl is wearing size 12 high heels then there is a good chance she is a he.

  3. Listen to the voice although some are skillful at concealing the voice.

  4. Look at the way she/he walks. Most of them are a dead give away. Looks like they have just graduated from fashion deportment school walking one foot crossing in front of the other with wiggling hips.
  5. If she is tall, say 6 foot, then be suspicious. Most Thai girls are around 5 foot 4 inches tall or less. A 6-foot tall Thai girl could be a model and normally a Thai model would not be flirting with a falang tourist in Pattaya.

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  6. If you meet her with a bunch of her friends then check them out too. KATOEYS usually hunt in packs. If you suspect some of her friends are ladyboys then there is a chance that she is a he.
  7. If she turns out the lights before undressing and wants to have sex in complete darkness she might be a KATOEY (ladyboy). Thai girls are not that shy about sex.
  8. While you are unknowingly chatting to a ladyboy (katoey) in the street late at night it is quite common for her to make a grab at your crotch. At this point it is a great opportunity for you to return the compliment and grab her privates. You might feel a slight bulge. A KATOEY will usually tuck her penis back under her crotch.
  9. If she seems to be wearing an over abundance of makeup then there is a chance that she is a ladyboy. Thai girls are usually subtle with their make up when they apply it. Many Thai girls don’t wear make up.
  10. If her breasts are bulging from her blouse and it appears that she has implants then it is highly likely you are looking at a boy.

How To Deal With A Ladyboy

Guest friendly hotels no joiner feeIf you are already in the sack exploring his/her body and he/she stops you at the pussy this is unusual behavior for a girl. Let the alarm bells ring. He/she might tell you it is menstruation time and offer you a BJ.

Some KATOEYS who have had the chop are not confident about the quality of their genital conversion and would rather not have you probing away with your fingers. Again a BJ would be on offer or a quick suck and slip you in.

If you get into a difficult situation and you decide you don’t want to pay your KATOEY then be extra careful. These girl/boys are strong and possibly good boxers. They also work in groups so avoid an incident. Just pay up and politely tell her to leave.

If you discover her gender on arriving at your room and you don’t want to continue the adventure don’t get angry. Joke about the fact that she had you fooled. You might get away with just giving her a 100 baht taxi fare. But try not to get into an argument if that doesn’t satisfy her.How to Date a Ladyboy