Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok) Airport to Pattaya by Taxi

The Bangkok airport is named Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Suvarnabhumi is pronounced “Su-Wana-Poom” and means “The Golden Land”.

The taxis at the airport are currently charging a flat fee of 1,400 baht one way and the journey takes one to one and a half hours, depending on traffic. The fee includes expressway toll.

Taxis are located on level one.  Look for the signs. You might be solicited to take an expensive Limo to just Bangkok for 1,000 baht, give these guys the flick you are going to Pattaya.

If you’re arriving in Thailand late at night or in the wee small hours of the morning you’ll need to book your Pattaya hotel from the preceding night.


If you arrive at the airport at 11:30 p.m. on the 20th, and you take a taxi from the airport you will arrive in Pattaya at around 1:15 to 1:45 a.m. on the 21st.

  • Book your room for the 20th.
  • Notify the hotel what time you’re due in.
  • Explain that they should tell the night manager about your arrival time.
  • Before you leave home send a confirmation email with your booking attached (If you have one).
  • In your cabin luggage carry a copy of the email you received from the hotel.
  • Keep the hotel phone number handy so the taxi driver can call the hotel if he gets lost in Pattaya.
    Try to get a copy of a map showing the hotel’s location. A lot of hotel booking websites display location maps with the street names printed in Thai.

    How To Go From The Taxi Counter.

    The taxi counter collects fares for meter taxis that run with meter turned off.
    You pay the one time flat rate of 1400 to Pattaya.
    Find the TAXI METER counter.
    Say, “I want TAXI METER”.
    That will help you find the counter.
    Pay the fee at the counter. Get the receipt.

    Someone will take you to the Thai taxi driver.
    Confirm with the desk clerk that the fee includes toll way.

    When you get your ticket, hang on to it.  Don’t (DO NOT) give the”passenger receipt” to the driver.

    The driver gets the driver’s receipt.
    Some drivers try to take the passenger receipt from you.
    Don’t let him do that.

    The driver’s name and car registration number is on that receipt.
    It also has a contact number on the receipt if you have a complaint or you leave something behind in the taxi.

    One traveler asked,
    “What is the use of a receipt if the driver bumps me off”?

    That would be unfortunate.

    However if you do go missing the authorities have some information. They know who has been taking passengers to Pattaya at that time.
    They have the name and car number of the driver who took passengers to Pattaya around the time the passenger went missing.

    This information can assist police with a speedy solution.

    • Tip:
      You might meet someone on your flight who is traveling to Pattaya.
      The two of you could share a taxi.

    By sharing with another foreigner, preferably one who understands your language, the risk is lessened.

    Taxi Security

    If you have a problem with a meter taxi (taxi meter) for example you forget and leave luggage in the car;

    Please Call: 1584 or 02 130-0002  or 02 130-0097

Alternative Taxi to Pattaya

You can try taking a meter taxi (TAXI METER) from the departures level.
They pull up to let off a passenger then you can ask if they will take you to Pattaya “meter ON”.

Make sure the driver resets the meter when you get in.
It should show 35 baht on the read out screen.

This can be a bit messy because some don’t want to drive to Pattaya.
This is a better choice if you are only going to a hotel in Bangkok.
There may not be many taxis available at your time of arrival
More information about Bangkok Airport to Pattaya.

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