Should I Send Money to a Thai Girl?

This can happen. Probability 99%
Imagine you meet a beautiful Thai lady in a bar in Pattaya.
You fall in love with her. Don’t think it won’t happen. This does happen to many foreigners who visit Pattaya. They fall in love with Pattaya bar girls.

You don’t want her to work in the bar when you go back to your country so you offer to pay her some money so that she does not have to work in the bar and get laid by lots of men.
Your Thai girlfriend wants money to survive. Right?

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Sending Money to a Thai Girl

“How will I know that she has stopped working in the bar?”
“How much salary should I pay my Thai girlfriend?” (Probably not as much as you think).
“Should I give her a large sum of money?”

Thai girlfriend relationship guide

You are advised not to give her a large sum of money.
There are several reasons and one is synonymous with Thai culture.
But I advise you not to give her a large amount of money unless you know your Thai girlfriend and her family very well.

Even then there is no guarantee that your Thai girl friend might not be persuaded to hand over her good fortune to some other member of her family who has convinced her that he or she is more deserving of the cash.

Thai Girls and Sending Money

This brings to mind a report that is almost free and I used to tell people that they should download it if they are planning to send money to a bar girl in Thailand,
or even planning to give her a lump sum of money. But now………..

Now I try to tell any man I meet who is planning a trip to Thailand to read

“Thai Girls and Sending Money”
report before he even books his ticket to Thailand.
Simply because the information is so very useful to have in your mind when you are leaving Thailand to return to your own country.

Reading the report will save you time, money and perhaps heartache.
These three questions (above) and more are answered and fully explained in the report.


Are you thinking that you will have to pay expensive bank transfer fees if you send periodic payments to her? Not if you follow the strategy outlined in pages 9 – 11 of
“Thai Girls and Sending Money” report. You can save some money, maybe a lot more than you could imagine.

If you have got a copy of the Pattaya bar hopping map then it is highly likely that you are planning on meeting some bar girls for extra curricular activities.

Right Answers?

It is so easy to become infatuated and sex struck by a warmhearted beautiful brown bar girl beauty. When she gazes into your heart with those beautiful brown eyes and says:
“I not work bar you send money me?”
Will you have the right answers?

Download Thai Girls and Sending Money and prepare yourself now.
Remember at the moment it is almost free and it will save you a bundle.

Check out the report and save yourself some time, money and frustration.
Here is the link.
“Thai Girls and Sending Money” report.

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