Return to Tim Bar for Bar Fine & Short Time

As I walked back into the Tim Bar on second road Pattaya the doorman tapped me on the shoulder saying with a chuckle, ‘Oh you come back, vely good’.

Glancing past the go-go dancers I saw the swine immediately.  Frobisher, he’d come back. He was talking to Fon as if trying to explain something.  As I got closer Fon jumped off her seat and came to meet me. ‘Mr mayJAW he try ony pay me eight hunled for short time boom-boom but bar wan six -mean I ony get two.  No good for me Mr mayJAW’.

‘Major what are you doing here; I thought you’d gone home’ said Frobisher

‘You’re a damn sneak and a cheapskate Frobisher,’ I replied gently fuming.

As Hendrix` Cross Town Traffic boomed out across the Tim Bar I took a 1000baht note from my wallet and handed it to Fon saying,   ‘Let’s go my dear, time is of the essence’.

‘I say Major I was just negotiating a deal with this young lady if you don’t mind’.

‘Oh but I do mind Frobisher you’ll have to wait until I’m finished old boy’ I said.

I relished the look of disappointment registering on his tired old face.  Fon came back with the 100 baht change which I told her to keep. By the way follow this link to learn about negotiating with Pattaya Bar Girls.

‘Steady on old boy said Frobisher, think of the old country we’re going broke you know, don’t spoil it for the rest of us’.

I now had to decide where best to take Fon.

Choice 1.  Short time

Approximately 1 and a half hours = 600 baht bar fine+ 300 baht for modest clean room upstairs.  Tip for girl agreed between you but 500 baht for short time is usual.

Choice 2.  To take Fon out of the bar for the night.

600 baht bar fine. Usually from a Go-Go Bar like the Tim Bar although negotiable with the girl you would be expected to pay 1000 baht for the night. The Mamasan asked one of the serving girls to take me up stairs and show me one of the better rooms for staying the night.  I was impressed, it was close to five star quality, a large double room with fridge, a big flat screen TV plus DVD, a king sized bed with spotless bed linen.  The clincher was the bathroom with its walk-in shower and enormous Jacuzzi plus a maid to run it for you.  It was 800 baht for the night and you had to leave by 10 the next morning.

Choice 3.  To take Fon to one of the nearby hotels.

The Bliss Hotel in Soi Diana, for instance. A modest, clean room is 700 baht per night.

I decided on Choice 1,  short time.  All told including a lady drink and 100 baht tip the escapade would cost me 1605 baht.

Fon was the consummate professional.  Before I had a chance to take her clothes off,  something I always enjoy doing to a woman, she had disrobed and was telling me to join her in the shower where she carefully soaped me all over.  I had to tell her to slow down as things were coming to a head much too quickly. I couldn’t help thinking that another 500 baht for her and 500 more for a larger room with a Jacuzzi for the night would have been the better option.  But of course because of  Noy it wasn’t possible.

Fon was magnificent.  Earlier she had agreed to do something for me that Noy always refused to do.  Something to herself whilst I watched.  Her eyes had lit up when I asked her. Watching how much pleasure she was giving to herself  I understood why.

When we finally made love she had already had numerous orgasms.  She insisted on a condom. In these kinds of circumstances I’d never fail to use one.  As I walked back out through the club I noticed Frobisher had gone and wondered whether it was back to his lady or short time with one of the go go girls.

I walked into the condo to the familiar strains of  Noy’s nasal mutterings.  They gave me that warm feeling you get from being back at home.


All the prices quoted above were current in April 2013.  Listed below are some of the prices in the Tim Bar as of February 2015 although getting these clear with the Mamasan and a number of girls was no easy task.

There are no modestly priced rooms upstairs anymore.

Short time, 2 hours total. Bar fine….Dancer, 800 baht.  Service girl, 700 baht.

Room upstairs.  800 Baht.

Lady drink, 125 baht.

Short time price for lady seems to be negotiable between 1,000 and 1,500 baht.

As you can see in less than two years the prices have rocketed. Precisely the same kind of escapade pursued currently and paying 1,000 baht for the lady would cost me 2,825 baht.  The leap in price compared with the 1,605 baht paid in April 2013 is excessive.  Sadly, as the Major’s pension has stayed the same he’s finding things a little stretched.