Hotels in Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya has a wonderful broad range of hotels of varying rates and classes to choose from. Pattaya budget hotels and guesthouses, Pattaya boutique hotels and Pattaya luxury hotels. I suggest you take a look at this website for the best deals on accommodation in Pattaya..

A good cheap Pattaya hotel to stay at is the Bliss Mansion in Soi Diana South Pattaya at around 600 baht per night. It doesn’t have a swimming pool. It is central to the action.

However being central to the action could mean that some nights might become a little noisy when one of the nearby outdoor bar owners decides to put on a party. This is not frequent but does happen around areas where there are a lot of cheap Pattaya hotels.

If you want a hotel with swimming pool in Pattaya then try the Lek Hotel on Second Road at 850 baht per night.

The Lek Hotel has a great “all you can eat” buffet breakfast by the pool every morning until 13.00. Hey that’s after breakfast time or even lunch time for some. Yes you can have a long or late breakfast depending upon how hard you partied the night before. Outsiders are welcome to join in.
Get right up close to the ocean with sea views at a β€œbeachfront hotel” on Beach Road. It’s economical and only 10 meters from the beach.

When you take a room on the 5th or 6th floors you will have an unobstructed view over the beach to the ocean and islands in Pattaya Bay.

Here is a very efficient and easy way to find either a budget Pattaya hotel or a luxury Pattaya hotel. Use this hotel search box. Once you get inside the hotel database you can use the filter system to filter your results in many ways. You don’t need to book a hotel.

You can use the hotel filter to find accomodation a certain distance from the center of Pattaya or the local airport. Filter by street, soi, hotel rate. Find a hotel that has the facilities you require: airport shuttle, business center, disabled access, fitness room, high-speed internet, parking, pets allowed, restaurant, room service or swimming pool.

This hotel database not only has a unique filtering system to quickly find the right hotel tailored to your needs but also when you click through to the supplier’s website you will find some special price offers.

From the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor of most budget hotels in Pattaya ugly telephone and power cables will obstruct any view.

A lot of hotels, up to 5 floors high, do not have a lift. Climbing all those stairs up to the 5th floor after a hard night out could be a bit daunting for some punters. Just a brief flashback here. Recently one of my friends was able to woo one of the house maids at one of the hotels in Pattaya.
This is easy to do when you have knowledge of the Thai culture and a good understanding of “saving face”.

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