Go Go Bar NO Bar Fine

Yes that’s right a go go bar where you won’t have to pay that bar fine fee to take a dancer from the bar. This is a brave experiment by the owners of the bar. According to the owners of the bar there are no hidden costs for the punter in this new go go bar strategy to attract more customers to the venue. The customer will not be expected to buy a minimum number of drinks or ladies drinks.

With bar fines ranging from 600 baht up to 1500 baht and even more in some go go bars this new business practice will surely attract a flow of punters wanting to save some money. There could be the odd one or two customers who float in, buy one drink, choose a dancer and nick off for the evening.

A customer ducking in for one drink then fleeing with a dancer on each arm would not be such a good deal for the owners. But the general consensus among a lot of punters is that they usually enjoy to relax a while and loosen up with several drinks to put them in the right mood.

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The bar fine compensates the bar owner for the loss of lady drinks in the girl’s absence. The bar fine also compensates the owner for the reduction in luster (less girls dancing) and less choice of girls. It might even contribute to the dancer’s salary. So if the punters behave and buy a few drinks this should be a win win deal all around.

So where is this Go Go Bar that is setting new standards for the industry? It is Bunnies in Bangkok. Bunnies is located on the ground floor of Nana Plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 4. Here are some girl friendly hotels in that area listed in order of their distance from Nana Plaza. On Monday the 10th of July Bunnies implemented the new policy of no longer charging customers a bar fine to take a dancer out of the bar.

If you go to Bunnies in Nana Plaza and you spot a dancer that you fancy then before you leave the bar together you might want to have a friendly chat about what her expectations may be for the remainder of the evening. For insight into the possible variables and experienced advice about avoiding any hassles with negotiations you could read the Bar Girls Report.

This is great news for those who have had to rein in their spending due to poor exchange rates. Especially those who are transferring funds in GBP and the AUD.

Hats off to Bunnies Bangkok for trying something new. It will be interesting to see whether or not this new business practice creates some competition causing other owners to experiment with the no bar fine, free out of the bar approach. Bunnies might have to employ more dancers. Hopefully it will all go well and there will be a lot more happy punters with big smiles.