Coyote Dancers Pattaya Show Girls

The Coyote girls usually wear tastefully chosen cropped tops with hot pants or sometimes skimpy clothing and dance with the intention of making their audience go wild.
Usually they are “unavailable” meaning they can’t be “bar fined” like their go go bar girl compatriots.

Coyote Dancing events held outdoors in Thailand often appear to be a combination of go go dancing and car show. Souped up pickups, with a dance platform harnessed to the rear section, wired up with powerful inbuilt sound systems and disco lights are used for the Coyote Girls to dance on.
I guess that could be called an electrifying atmosphere.

The following video is a compilation of Thai girls Coyote
dancing at various locations in Bangkok and Pattaya. The first scene opens during a party night in Soi Six Pattaya. The converted pickups were parked up outside a few of the short time bars about 30 meters or so inside the soi from the Second Road entrance.

Show Girls V’s Coyote Dancers

Aware of the popularity of energetic well dressed dancers some go go bar operators have selected special girls to perform a show similar to the Coyote dancers.
These girls are called “Show Girls” and usually perform a choreographed act like those at Angelwitch or Champagne A Go Go in Pattaya.
The “Show Girls” are available and attract a higher fee than the normal go go dancer. More often than not “Show Girls” are usually more attractive than the go go dancers.

A few of my friends and I have noticed that, since the introduction of “Show Girls”, in some go go bars, the normal dancers have become a little lethargic. You know, one step forward followed by one step back.

What Do Coyote Dancers Do?

The Coyote Dancers are not sex workers. They can not be “ bar fined” like go go dancers. They are usually hired to inject a bit of excitement into a venue or event.
The Coyote Dancers are best described as attractive, well dressed high energy dancers with a passion to entertain through their dancing skills.

Nightlife guide

They are well trained enthusiastic dancers. Some might be professional dancers who have received formal dance training. There are hundreds of dance studios in Bangkok and several in Pattaya City. Dancing is a common career for Thai girls with good body toning.
Usually the girls are aged between 18 and 25. After the age of 25 they might retire from the high energy Coyote Dancing.
Coyote Dancers can be booked and hired through agencies to perform at up market clubs, discos, go go bars, karaoke clubs, parties and private functions.
A suggested hire rate is around 500 to 1,500 baht per hour. Some dancers are known to earn up to 3,000 baht per hour. An associate who manages a condominium in Pattaya hired a group of five Coyote Dancers through a Coyote dancer agent to perform at a pool party. The fee was 5,000 baht and payable in advance.

Where Can I See Coyote Dancers in Pattaya?

You will often see Coyote Dancers at the major discos such as Insomnia, Walking Street, Pattaya and at car shows held at some of the shopping centers like Central Festival, Second Road, Pattaya. I have seen them perform at motorcycle rallies and musical events in Pattaya and of course, bar party nights when the souped up pickups are called in for support. Pun intended.
If you are thinking about courting a Coyote Dancer then I recommend you learn a bit of the local language. Here is a website where you can listen to some romantic Thai phrases to get you started.