Bar Girls Homework

If you are planning a trip to Pattaya or some
other city in Asia then here is something
you should include in your plan.
It’s homework. Yes I said homework.

Prepare yourself to enter a different world, a different culture.
In Thailand people live and operate in a different world to what
you are accustomed to. They act and think differently.

If you are planning to chase bar girls in Pattaya and indulge in the nightlife then
there are many issues you should know about before
you arrive in Pattaya.

Knowing about these issues and the ways of the
Pattaya bar girls will turn your Thailand holiday into
an amazing adventure.

It is well documented that Thai bar girls
are experts at manipulation. They know the buttons to press
to get you to dig deep into your wallet and do things you
normally wouldn’t do in your own country.

Collect and read as much information as you can about
the Pattaya bar girls and the nightlife before you arrive in Thailand.

You can join forums, read blogs like this one you are reading now
or download an e-book or a report about the bar scene in Pattaya.
Personally I prefer to download an e-book or a report.
The information is usually more accurate and it saves a bundle of time and energy.
The hard work is already done for you.
The authors are usually seasoned punters who reside in Thailand and have lived the life.

Recommendation: Pattaya Bar Girls Report

Imagine you have just arrived in Pattaya and settled into your hotel.
You are anxious to get to the bar and meet some of those little brown
warmhearted Thai girls. You stand at the entrance to your hotel and you spot an interesting bar full of girls across the street.
You walk over to that bar; you begin chatting with the girls.

You are attracted to a girl at the bar and you “bar fine” her and take her to your hotel room. Let’s call her Noy. Unless you are planning to spend the remainder of your holiday with Noy you have probably made a big mistake.

The Pattaya Bar Girls report covers more than 100 issues ( including
the “big mistake”) that will help
turn your visit to Thailand into a “life changing adventure”.

If you were to join forums and surf around the internet
how long would it take you to collect 100 useful tips about
Pattaya bar girls? Recently I visited a forum whose members are
advocating that unprotected sex is safe with bar girls.

Now that is a good topic for my next post.