Pattaya Bar Hopping Map

The evening is when most punters go bar hopping right?
In a way that’s what this post is about. Where to find the bars.

There are thousands of bars in Pattaya. You will need a good map to navigate them.
Good news. I have one for you. I know you like free stuff.

I received an email from Mike Baird giving me permission to upload his Pattaya bar hopping map for you to view on Pattaya-bar-girls website.  Most of the bars shown in the map are located in Walking Street Pattaya.

You can view it here.

Pattaya Bar Hopping Map

The bar hopping map includes

  • 20 outdoor bars
  • 60 of Pattaya’s most popular go go bars
  • 20 no hassle couples bars

If you like you can download the Pattaya bar map and print it out for your own personal use.

On the same web page you will see some of the bar girl ebooks, nightlife guides, and reports I have uploaded for you.
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Here again is the link to the Pattaya ebooks reports and bar hopping map page.

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