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Sabai Room Soapy Massage Parlor Pattaya

Where is Sabai Room Soapy Massage?

It is located on Second Road North Pattaya opposite Central Marina Shopping Center. This is one of the original soapy massage shops to be established in Pattaya.

I had my first introduction to Thai soapy massage at this establishment back in 1996. Now in 2017 it is still keeping up with its competitors although the interior has become a little shabby. But we are not going there to check out the decor are we. No its the employees we are interested in. Those lovely ladies behind the glass wall.

In the early days of this soapy massage parlor’s life the pricing structure was very different to what it is now. Back then there was a flat rate of 400 to 500 baht paid to the parlor and the masseuse fee was left negotiable but with an understanding that the starting price might be around 500 baht.

Then depending upon how you approached the girl, an even better deal could be struck for around 800 to 900 baht all inclusive. Those days might be gone but the opportunities are still present.

Currently the rate at Sabai Room Massage is fixed at:

  • 1,300 baht for 90 minutes.
  • 1,800 for 2 hours

The Best Soapy Massage

So now you are searching the internet to find out which massage parlor has the best girls. Well you might save a lot of time and misinformation if you consider that, in a way, the girls are all equal.

Yes some are prettier than others but they are all Thai and are all trained to perform the same task. Each of the top five massage parlors has its fair share of average lookers, pretty ladies, and stunners.

At the Sabai Room the girls each have a white button with a two or three digit ID number attached to their attire.

I found the attendants at the Sabai Room, on most occasions, not as intrusive as one of the attendants I got to know at Honey 2. Sometimes they can be a bit pushy, asking you if you have made up your mind yet and consistently recommending a particular number.

The Soapy Massage Procedure

The procedure is similar at all the top level massage parlors.

Some steps in the procedure do get swapped around and on odd occasions one step might be ignored. Quite often that is the first step; being sensually and slowly disrobed by the masseuse.

Now I can go ahead and write up a review of my experience at this particular massage parlor. And I will write a little about it shortly.

But the procedure is usually very much the same in all the major soapy parlors. The layout is also similar in all of them. That will be a well appointed private split level room with a king size bed, a spa tub and a spacious tiled floor in the spa area ready to lay down a rubber mattress upon which you should enjoy your soapy body massage.

What Happens in a Soapy Massage Parlor?

Here it is as I have experienced it.
After ogling all the girls in the foyer you choose your girl.

The attendant calls her to link up with you.
Next is the “Golden Moment“.
An opportunity for you to set the scene for a memorable experience. This is important.

Then you pay the fee before going to the room.
After paying the fee you go to the room with the girl.


When you get to the room the spa tub might still be filling up or your girl will have to attend to it. The disrobing could begin at this point.

However on some occasions you might be asked if you would like to order an expensive drink from the bar.

A room maid will fetch the drink(s) and you might be expected to offer a tip. This will depend upon what happened during the golden moment step.

After disrobing you will head on over to the spa for your first plunge.
Sometimes the girl will jump in the tub with you or just give you a sponging while she kneels at the side of the tub.
You can tell her your preference.

Next its an out of the tub experience and on to the rubber mattress on the floor. She will usually soap it up first then ask you to lie on the rubber mattress. Then she should playfully pour and drip soap suds all over your naked body.

After that is the close body contact part where she entwines her naked body with yours slipping and sliding, massaging various parts of your anatomy with her arms, legs, knees, elbows, fingers, palms, butt and crotch.

Depending upon how you spent your “golden moment” this ecstasy could last a while.

Next part of the procedure is to jump back into the tub and wash off all the suds.
During the “old days” if we had negotiated for just a soapy massage without the serious stuff the girl would use this part of the procedure to upgrade your experience.

At this point knowing a few Thai love words and phrases would enhance the experience.
And here is what happened to me a few times back then.

While slipping and sliding she would several times slide me briefly inside her from many positions. Lastly with her knees either side of my waist she would hover over me with her lips just on my tip and whisper,
“Do you want it?”
And I would answer playfully, “Could you do all that and ask me again I didn’t hear you.”
It didn’t take long to make a decision.

Back to the present.

After washing off all those soap suds its time to towel down and adjourn to the bed for a short Thai style massage before the grand finale.

What you do for the grand finale is entirely up to the two of you.

Summing up. If you pay attention around the time of the Golden Moment then you should be able to ensure that your soapy massage adventure is a memorable experience.

Accommodation Tip:
Want to stay in a nice hotel just 5 minutes walk from the top two Pattaya Soapy Massage Parlors?
Quiet with ocean views.
Walk 2 minutes to “Subway” sandwich bar and “Burger King”.
The hotel is just 10 meters from the beach.
Book this hotel on line and save 35% on the “walk-in” rate.

Coyote Dancers Pattaya Show Girls

The Coyote girls usually wear tastefully chosen cropped tops with hot pants or sometimes skimpy clothing and dance with the intention of making their audience go wild.
Usually they are “unavailable” meaning they can’t be “bar fined” like their go go bar girl compatriots.

Coyote Dancing events held outdoors in Thailand often appear to be a combination of go go dancing and car show. Souped up pickups, with a dance platform harnessed to the rear section, wired up with powerful inbuilt sound systems and disco lights are used for the Coyote Girls to dance on.
I guess that could be called an electrifying atmosphere.

The following video is a compilation of Thai girls Coyote
dancing at various locations in Bangkok and Pattaya. The first scene opens during a party night in Soi Six Pattaya. The converted pickups were parked up outside a few of the short time bars about 30 meters or so inside the soi from the Second Road entrance.

Show Girls V’s Coyote Dancers

Aware of the popularity of energetic well dressed dancers some go go bar operators have selected special girls to perform a show similar to the Coyote dancers.
These girls are called “Show Girls” and usually perform a choreographed act like those at Angelwitch or Champagne A Go Go in Pattaya.
The “Show Girls” are available and attract a higher fee than the normal go go dancer. More often than not “Show Girls” are usually more attractive than the go go dancers.

A few of my friends and I have noticed that, since the introduction of “Show Girls”, in some go go bars, the normal dancers have become a little lethargic. You know, one step forward followed by one step back.

What Do Coyote Dancers Do?

The Coyote Dancers are not sex workers. They can not be “ bar fined” like go go dancers. They are usually hired to inject a bit of excitement into a venue or event.
The Coyote Dancers are best described as attractive, well dressed high energy dancers with a passion to entertain through their dancing skills.

They are well trained enthusiastic dancers. Some might be professional dancers who have received formal dance training. There are hundreds of dance studios in Bangkok and several in Pattaya City. Dancing is a common career for Thai girls with good body toning.
Usually the girls are aged between 18 and 25. After the age of 25 they might retire from the high energy Coyote Dancing.
Coyote Dancers can be booked and hired through agencies to perform at up market clubs, discos, go go bars, karaoke clubs, parties and private functions.
A suggested hire rate is around 500 to 1,500 baht per hour. Some dancers are known to earn up to 3,000 baht per hour. An associate who manages a condominium in Pattaya hired a group of five Coyote Dancers through a Coyote dancer agent to perform at a pool party. The fee was 5,000 baht and payable in advance.

Where Can I See Coyote Dancers in Pattaya?

You will often see Coyote Dancers at the major discos such as Insomnia, Walking Street, Pattaya and at car shows held at some of the shopping centers like Central Festival, Second Road, Pattaya. I have seen them perform at motorcycle rallies and musical events in Pattaya and of course, bar party nights when the souped up pickups are called in for support. Pun intended.
If you are thinking about courting a Coyote Dancer then I recommend you learn a bit of the local language. Here is a website where you can listen to some romantic Thai phrases to get you started.

Used car scam in Pattaya

There are many known scams in Thailand. Some scams occur simply because a situation creates an opportunity to make an easy sting without being caught. Dave has lived in Pattaya for 6 years. His friend Bob lives in Sriracha about 30 kilometers north of Pattaya on the way to Bangkok.

Bob was in the market for a new second hand car. He had already looked at a 2012 Honda and the price was right. However a few days before making his final decision to buy, Bob saw an advertisement in the local English language newspaper advertising a second hand 2012 Toyota Altis, the tough competitor to Honda, at a very attractive price.

The Toyota interested Bob so much that he called the owner to get more details. He discovered that the private seller of the car is located in Pattaya. The seller is a doctor who is currently employed at the Bangkok Pattaya hospital. Bob’s daughter was sick and he and his wife were busy with their daily work routine and commitments in Sriracha so Bob called David in Pattaya to ask him if he could take a look at the car for him. Dave agreed to check out the car the next day.

The next day Dave called Bob to get more details about the car deal but Bob explained that his Thai wife had just contacted the owner of the car and made arrangements for the owner to drive the car up to Sriracha. The good doctor offered to bring the car right to Bob’s front door on the condition that Bob’s wife make a deposit of eight thousand baht (8,000 baht) to the doctor’s bank account to cover travelling costs. The deposit would be deducted from the price of the car if Bob decided to buy it. Does this sound like a scam brewing in the background?

Bob’s wife made the eight thousand baht funds transfer to the doctor’s bank account. Bob was happy that he did not have to travel in the traffic down to Pattaya to inspect the car. The doctor told Bob’s wife that he would arrive with the car at around 13:00. Bob and his wife waited. At 15:30 the doctor had not yet arrived. Bob became suspicious and asked his wife to call the doctor.

The doctor’s phone was turned off and not receiving calls. Most unusual for someone who has made an appointment to deliver a car. Bob decided to do something that he felt in hind sight he should have done before his wife transferred the funds to the car seller’s bank account.

Bob turned on his computer, connected to the internet and began a Google search for the doctor’s name at Pattaya Bangkok hospital. Sure enough the name came up in the search results on the hospital’s website. This doctor’s name was so easy to find that it indicated to Bob that he just might be the victim of a Thai scam.

I know you are by now thinking that Bob was a naïve fool for transferring a large sum of money to the doctor’s bank account. Why didn’t he just send enough to cover travel expenses? About 1,000 to 2,000 would have been more than enough for the sixty kilometer return journey, right?

Remember it was Bob’s Thai wife who made the deal with the doctor. Now, here is where Thai culture and saving face eases it’s way into the decision making process. I’ll just mention here that Bill Williams delves into these matters in his two e-books After-The-Rush and Pattaya Bar Girls Report. They are well worth reading and could save you a lot of wasted time and money if you are planning to visit Thailand or already live in Thailand.

Bob asked his wife to call the hospital and ask to speak to the doctor. She did not want to do that. Bill Williams explains why in his reports. At the end of the day the good doctor did not turn up. His mobile phone remained turned off and he, lets call him "the scammer", is now eight thousand baht richer.

Can the perpetrator be tracked down? That is a big possibility. But Bob will probably have to deal with not receiving too much help from his Thai wife. Bob hasn’t read either of the eBooks recommended above but plans to do so. He could approach the bank and try tracking down the good doctor that way or just go straight to the police. Stay tuned for an update regarding this scam. Just press Ctrl+D to bookmark this page and come back in a week or two.

Return to Tim Bar for Bar Fine & Short Time

As I walked back into the Tim Bar on second road Pattaya the doorman tapped me on the shoulder saying with a chuckle, ‘Oh you come back, vely good’.

Glancing past the go-go dancers I saw the swine immediately.  Frobisher, he’d come back. He was talking to Fon as if trying to explain something.  As I got closer Fon jumped off her seat and came to meet me. ‘Mr mayJAW he try ony pay me eight hunled for short time boom-boom but bar wan six -mean I ony get two.  No good for me Mr mayJAW’.

‘Major what are you doing here; I thought you’d gone home’ said Frobisher

‘You’re a damn sneak and a cheapskate Frobisher,’ I replied gently fuming.

As Hendrix` Cross Town Traffic boomed out across the Tim Bar I took a 1000baht note from my wallet and handed it to Fon saying,   ‘Let’s go my dear, time is of the essence’.

‘I say Major I was just negotiating a deal with this young lady if you don’t mind’.

‘Oh but I do mind Frobisher you’ll have to wait until I’m finished old boy’ I said.

I relished the look of disappointment registering on his tired old face.  Fon came back with the 100 baht change which I told her to keep. By the way follow this link to learn about negotiating with Pattaya Bar Girls.

‘Steady on old boy said Frobisher, think of the old country we’re going broke you know, don’t spoil it for the rest of us’.

I now had to decide where best to take Fon.

Choice 1.  Short time

Approximately 1 and a half hours = 600 baht bar fine+ 300 baht for modest clean room upstairs.  Tip for girl agreed between you but 500 baht for short time is usual.

Choice 2.  To take Fon out of the bar for the night.

600 baht bar fine. Usually from a Go-Go Bar like the Tim Bar although negotiable with the girl you would be expected to pay 1000 baht for the night. The Mamasan asked one of the serving girls to take me up stairs and show me one of the better rooms for staying the night.  I was impressed, it was close to five star quality, a large double room with fridge, a big flat screen TV plus DVD, a king sized bed with spotless bed linen.  The clincher was the bathroom with its walk-in shower and enormous Jacuzzi plus a maid to run it for you.  It was 800 baht for the night and you had to leave by 10 the next morning.

Choice 3.  To take Fon to one of the nearby hotels.

The Bliss Hotel in Soi Diana, for instance. A modest, clean room is 700 baht per night.

I decided on Choice 1,  short time.  All told including a lady drink and 100 baht tip the escapade would cost me 1605 baht.

Fon was the consummate professional.  Before I had a chance to take her clothes off,  something I always enjoy doing to a woman, she had disrobed and was telling me to join her in the shower where she carefully soaped me all over.  I had to tell her to slow down as things were coming to a head much too quickly. I couldn’t help thinking that another 500 baht for her and 500 more for a larger room with a Jacuzzi for the night would have been the better option.  But of course because of  Noy it wasn’t possible.

Fon was magnificent.  Earlier she had agreed to do something for me that Noy always refused to do.  Something to herself whilst I watched.  Her eyes had lit up when I asked her. Watching how much pleasure she was giving to herself  I understood why.

When we finally made love she had already had numerous orgasms.  She insisted on a condom. In these kinds of circumstances I’d never fail to use one.  As I walked back out through the club I noticed Frobisher had gone and wondered whether it was back to his lady or short time with one of the go go girls.

I walked into the condo to the familiar strains of  Noy’s nasal mutterings.  They gave me that warm feeling you get from being back at home.


All the prices quoted above were current in April 2013.  Listed below are some of the prices in the Tim Bar as of February 2015 although getting these clear with the Mamasan and a number of girls was no easy task.

There are no modestly priced rooms upstairs anymore.

Short time, 2 hours total. Bar fine….Dancer, 800 baht.  Service girl, 700 baht.

Room upstairs.  800 Baht.

Lady drink, 125 baht.

Short time price for lady seems to be negotiable between 1,000 and 1,500 baht.

As you can see in less than two years the prices have rocketed. Precisely the same kind of escapade pursued currently and paying 1,000 baht for the lady would cost me 2,825 baht.  The leap in price compared with the 1,605 baht paid in April 2013 is excessive.  Sadly, as the Major’s pension has stayed the same he’s finding things a little stretched.

Speak Thai Learning Thai Language is easy

In Thailand knowing how to say a few Thai words at the right moment can lead to a bundle of fun.

The benefits of being able to speak Thai are compounding.
Usually the Thais are so happy to hear a foreigner has made an effort to learn their language and somehow they seem to reward you.

Understanding some Thai allows you to get involved in
Thailand especially if you are able to express your feelings.

If you come to Thailand one time you will most certainly return especially if you put into practice just some of the tips
from the downloadable 100 pages of  Pattaya Bar Girls Report.
You might return to Thailand many times. It is worth learning Thai if you plan to visit Thailand often.

If you are going to Pattaya you will find that most Pattaya bar girls speak a little English that is pre rehearsed.  It will be simple English with broken grammar and probably in this order.

What your name?
Where you come from?
Where you stay?
How long you stay Pattaya?
You stay how many day already?
You marry? You have baby?

Here’s the clinger.  A high percentage of Pattaya bar girls
probably won’t understand your answer if it is more than a few words.
Then depending on which country you come from it is possible she won’t understand your accent.

You can have a lot of fun with the Thai girls if you can speak Thai.
Here are just some of the BENEFITS of being able to speak Thai.

* Knowing how to speak Thai will give you insight into the exotic but
complex Thai culture.

* Knowing Thai will allow you to understand what the Thais are
talking about.

And that’s not all.
With your Thai language skills you can guide yourself around the traps that await
the amorous foreigner.

You can say in Thai what you want, what you feel and what you
think. Thai girls seem to relax with you once they hear you can
communicate in their language.

So how do you learn Thai? Personally I find the best way to
learn to speak Thai is to combine two methods. The first method
is face to face with a native Thai speaker and a proven course book.

The next way is with a software program on your computer.
You can learn Thai from a native Thai speaker with the aid of pictures,
audio and text on your computer right now.

I signed up for a program on the internet which is a “Fun and Easy Way to Learn Thai“. This program has accelerated my language acquisition ten fold.

With your Thai Language program on your computer you will be speaking short Thai phrases in less than a week. It is free to download.

This is an amazing program. It is fun and easy to use. It will even teach you
to write Thai if you want to.

Check it out and learn some Thai if you are planning to come to Thailand.
Learn Thai the FUN way

Tim Beer Bar Go Go Bar

Pattaya Musings from The Major

This time Noy really annoyed me, we’d arranged to go to the movies but she’d changed her mind. ‘I don go, too tied’ she said.  ‘Too tired are you joking all you’ve done all day is lay on the bed’.  I left her in the condo with the telly on saying ‘I’m going to play pool with Froby be back about twelve’.  I arranged to meet Frobisher in the Tim Bar a well known go go bar and beer bar on second road in South Pattaya, opposite The Lek Hotel. ‘We’ll have a quiet drink he said, and maybe ogle a few ladies’. That’s a normal part of Pattaya Nightlife

The night was stickier than a Pattaya ladyboy’s tonsils so it was with relief I walked into the air-conned Tim Bar. We sat down along the back wall with the go go girls on their podium in front of us.  We ordered Chang beer from a smiling service girl. It came ice cold, a small bottle for baht 85.

Over the next half hour we were served up some great music along with videos. James Brown from the 70s…Guns and Roses from the 80s…and the Chilli Peppers from the 90s.  A welcome change from the usual copies you hear in the bars. I nodded my thanks to Tim Bar DJ he returned it with a grin.

Thai girlfriend relationship guide

There were many Thai girls, go go dancers and service girls. The go go dancers were more or less all pretty. A few were even beautiful. Their costumes were essentially a thong and an excuse for a bra.  Personally The Major prefers a skimpy skirt.

The atmosphere was good in The Tim Bar that night, mainly because of the music played by the Tim Bar DJ.

I’d been catching her eye, she was such a great dancer hardly putting in any effort but managing to be sexier than all the rest of the go go dancers. She was probably about thirty; her body looked about twenty, her face about eighteen.  What a cracker! ‘Sex on legs’ Frobisher said unable to disguise the awe in his voice.  After her dance stint she came over and sat down next to me.  She was even more beautiful close up.  ‘I Fon she said please see you, wha your name’?

We chatted about nothing for a while then I thought O well I’ll just ask her.  ‘You like me’ I said.  ‘I lie, I lie, you ok. Bar fine 600 baht, me? up to you.’  Froby nudged me, ‘ask her about short time he said and she must have heard him because she said   ‘Is 900 altogedder for one ow, if you wan service girl fine only 500’. This was good information so I bought her drink. Lady Drink in the Tim Bar 105 baht and the girl gets a token for 40 baht.  I looked at her thinking, ‘why not I’ll still be back home by twelve.

I didn’t bar fine her though; instead I thought I’d go back and annoy Noy. When it was Fon’s turn to dance again Froby and I slipped away like a pair of seriously unsuccessful thieves in the night.

As I walked into the condo I heard Noy’s distinctive nasal mutterings. She was curled up, cuddling herself asleep as annoying as ever.

Maybe I will slip back to the Tim Beer Bar……..

Thai girlfriend relationship guide
What happened when I went back to Tim Bar.

Pattaya Hotel Close to Beach

Here is my recommendation for a nice Pattaya hotel close to the beach. This hotel is located on Beach Road Pattaya. Unlike many medium size hotels in Pattaya this hotel has an elevator (lift). In Thailand the building code requires any hotel with more than 5 floors to have a lift. Many cheap Pattaya hotels and budget guest houses in Pattaya with 5 floors or less DO NOT have a lift. Some cheap hotels in Pattaya have six floors and still do not provide a lift.

This hotel is a good deal for a Pattaya hotel with ocean view. It is the Baboona Hotel and will cost around 1000 baht per night. Follow this link to check the current room rate for Baboona Hotel. You can also read hotel reviews by other travelers who have stayed at the Baboona Hotel.

What you will find nearby.
Walk from the front door of the hotel turn left and walk twenty meters along Beach Road from the hotel you will find two girly bars; the Koong King and The Beat.

Walk further along Beach Road in the same direction for about one minute and you will come to a “Burger King” restaurant and a “Subway” sandwich bar. Of course you will also pass several small Thai food restaurants along the way.

The Sabai Land soapy massage parlor is a five-minute walk from the front door of the hotel. If you book this Pattaya hotel on line you will save up to 20% on the walk in rate. It will also guarantee that you have a comfortable room for your first night in Pattaya. I send my beach bunny friends to this hotel whenever they visit Pattaya. The receptionist is cute and sexy.

Thai Girl Scams

What are Thai girl scams?
Have you been scammed by a Thai girl?

A lot of foreigners who travel to Thailand for a short holiday in Pattaya often consider that they have become the victim of a Thai girl scam. They have found themselves in a situation where they have either lost some money, personal property such as a watch, laptop, passport, credit card, gold chain or been deceived in some way that has caused them emotional trauma.

On many of these occasions it has been the foreigners’ lack of understanding of Thai customs and culture that has led them to be victims of a Thai girl scam. Now I am not advocating that there are no such scams to be found in Pattaya Thailand or anywhere else in the world but in many cases the foreigner’s lack of preparing himself for his visit to a country with such a diverse culture is the catalyst for misunderstanding.

It is this misunderstanding that can lead a newbie traveller into awkward situations that sometimes have a negative outcome. Then the foreigner considers he has been scammed. Would you jump from an aircraft before checking that your parachute is in order?

Likewise would you travel to foreign country without first researching the potential hazards? There are some known scams to prepare yourself for. Understanding Thai girls and the way they think is not easy. I can think of at least three common scams that you might encounter in Pattaya if you are in the wrong place at the right time. You might want to check out several more bar girl scams here.

Here is one type of scam you might like to note.  Single travelling males should be careful about bringing unknown women to their hotel rooms or homes. Druggings, whereby the woman coats her nipples with the drug or drops something into your drink to put you to sleep and assist with the theft of your belongings, is not uncommon.

Unfortunately, they sometimes put a little extra into the drink to make sure you are knocked right out. There are reported cases of the little extra inadvertently killing the victim. It’s possible that in a few of those cases the drug administered was incompatible with the victim’s heart condition or medication the victim was taking at the time.

While the rate of theft is remarkably low, it does occur.

My advice is to learn a bit about Thai culture,  customs, and potential hazards before you book your flight to Thailand. The more you learn about the people and their ways of going about their everyday tasks, the less potential there will be for misunderstanding.

When a Westerner comes to Thailand he brings with him his way of doing things, his culture, his customs. On occasions the Westerners’ way of doing things can clash with their hosts’. If you do find yourself in an awkward situation try to stay calm. Try not to display anger. In Thai culture it is impolite and unwise to display anger. If you are planning a trip to Pattaya, familiarize yourself with the culture, the customs, and the pitfalls and you will have an unforgetable holiday.

Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok) Airport to Pattaya by Taxi

The Bangkok airport is named Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Suvarnabhumi is pronounced “Su-Wana-Poom” and means “The Golden Land”.

The taxis at the airport are currently charging a flat fee of 1,400 baht one way and the journey takes one to one and a half hours, depending on traffic. The fee includes expressway toll.

Taxis are located on level one.  Look for the signs. You might be solicited to take an expensive Limo to just Bangkok for 1,000 baht, give these guys the flick you are going to Pattaya.

If you’re arriving in Thailand late at night or in the wee small hours of the morning you’ll need to book your Pattaya hotel from the preceding night.


If you arrive at the airport at 11:30 p.m. on the 20th, and you take a taxi from the airport you will arrive in Pattaya at around 1:15 to 1:45 a.m. on the 21st.

  • Book your room for the 20th.
  • Notify the hotel what time you’re due in.
  • Explain that they should tell the night manager about your arrival time.
  • Before you leave home send a confirmation email with your booking attached (If you have one).
  • In your cabin luggage carry a copy of the email you received from the hotel.
  • Keep the hotel phone number handy so the taxi driver can call the hotel if he gets lost in Pattaya.
    Try to get a copy of a map showing the hotel’s location. A lot of hotel booking websites display location maps with the street names printed in Thai.

    How To Go From The Taxi Counter.

    The taxi counter collects fares for meter taxis that run with meter turned off.
    You pay the one time flat rate of 1400 to Pattaya.
    Find the TAXI METER counter.
    Say, “I want TAXI METER”.
    That will help you find the counter.
    Pay the fee at the counter. Get the receipt.

    Someone will take you to the Thai taxi driver.
    Confirm with the desk clerk that the fee includes toll way.

    When you get your ticket, hang on to it.  Don’t (DO NOT) give the”passenger receipt” to the driver.

    The driver gets the driver’s receipt.
    Some drivers try to take the passenger receipt from you.
    Don’t let him do that.

    The driver’s name and car registration number is on that receipt.
    It also has a contact number on the receipt if you have a complaint or you leave something behind in the taxi.

    One traveler asked,
    “What is the use of a receipt if the driver bumps me off”?

    That would be unfortunate.

    However if you do go missing the authorities have some information. They know who has been taking passengers to Pattaya at that time.
    They have the name and car number of the driver who took passengers to Pattaya around the time the passenger went missing.

    This information can assist police with a speedy solution.

    • Tip:
      You might meet someone on your flight who is traveling to Pattaya.
      The two of you could share a taxi.

    By sharing with another foreigner, preferably one who understands your language, the risk is lessened.

    Taxi Security

    If you have a problem with a meter taxi (taxi meter) for example you forget and leave luggage in the car;

    Please Call: 1584 or 02 130-0002  or 02 130-0097

Alternative Taxi to Pattaya

You can try taking a meter taxi (TAXI METER) from the departures level.
They pull up to let off a passenger then you can ask if they will take you to Pattaya “meter ON”.

Make sure the driver resets the meter when you get in.
It should show 35 baht on the read out screen.

This can be a bit messy because some don’t want to drive to Pattaya.
This is a better choice if you are only going to a hotel in Bangkok.
There may not be many taxis available at your time of arrival
More information about Bangkok Airport to Pattaya.