Pattaya Bar Girl addicts reports and eBooks

When you come on your holiday to Thailand you will have fun and adventure searching in the bars for your evening companion. Taking your time flirting and looking at these beautiful Thai girls is the exciting part of the nightlife adventure you will have. Yes take your time and look, have a fun time. There are plenty of gorgeous Thai woman, especially in Pattaya where there are thousands of Pattaya bar girls.

Perhaps you are already one of the many Pattaya addicts who visit Thailand frequently. You will know that the chance of scoring a chick in Pattaya is guaranteed. And the chance of linking up with a stunning Thai babe is also guaranteed. But the chance of the encounter turning out the way you would want it to is not. That is why this Pattaya addicts bar girls resources page was created to help you understand the ways of the girls and avoid bar girl scams.

Pattaya-Bar-Girls Report

  • Avoid the traps and cheats.
  • Learn the ways of the bar girls.
  • 4 ways to choose 2 girls for a 3 some.
  • The importance of "saving face".
  • How to negotiate in the go go bars & beer bars.
  • How to deal with awkward situations.
  • The bar girl rules. Thai girl scams.
  • How to have a successful GFE.
  • Who to pay , how much and when.
  • How bar girls collect & use Information about you.
Turn your visit to Pattaya into an unforgettable adventure.
Bar girls lover guide How I Took My Girl from the Bar then took the bar out of my girl.
A complete guide to what you should do when you fall in love with a Thai girl.
  • Sending money to a Thai girl.
  • Monitoring her location.
  • Taking her to your country.
  • How to buy real estate in Thailand.
  • Meeting her family.
  • Work alternatives.
  • Business in Thailand.
  • Incident of Gross Negligence
  • 16 Dos and Don'ts for Thailand
  • How to avoid the hell hole.
  • Other girls
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Your Thai Girl (Mainstream)
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Thai Dating
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How To Date An Asian Woman   Thai Girls & Sending Money

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What you need to know about her culture so that she not only accepts you as a lover but grows to need you to be your partner.

What you should consider before sending money to a Thai girl.

  • Financial Support
  • Multiple Sponsors?
  • Thai Girls Dream
  • How Much To Send
  • How To Avoid Fees
  • Avoiding Scams
  • Forced Lies & Saving Face
  • How To Check Her Location
  • Choosing The Right Pay Day
  • Thai Girls Sex and Money
  • Avoiding Extortion
  • Is It A Scam?

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    As you probably know there are lots of videos about Pattaya girls on the internet. However sometimes you might go back to view one again and it is gone or you get the notice "Sorry this video is no longer available". Here are our favorite Pattaya content videos.
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    If you are wanting to have fun with bar girls then Pattaya Thailand is the place to go to for your adventurous holiday.

    When you come to Pattaya your adventurous holiday could unfold in a variety of different venues.
    Establishments where the girls work and play can be categorized into six areas.
    1. Go Go Bars,
    2. Short Time Bars,
    3. Beer Bars,
    4. Massage Parlors,
    5. Discos and
    6. Street.

    Go Go Bars

    Indoor bar with girls dancing on a catwalk usually in the center of the room. The dancers will be wearing a mixture of intimate apparel such as chemise sets, bikinis, garters and sometimes just a birthday suit (naked). Check out the bar hopping guide below
    Bar Fine: 500-1000 Baht.
    More go go bars information>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Short Time Bars

    Indoor bar. There are no dancers in these bars. The bars are dimly lit inside with seating arranged to provide privacy. The girls are clothed. Some are provocatively clothed.
    Bar Fine: 200 - 300 Baht.
    More short time bars information>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Beer Bars

    These are the open-air type bars that have a roof but no walls. They are packed tightly together and each bar has its own sound system competing to dominate the airwaves. This creates a rowdy party atmosphere. The girls are clothed.

    Bar Fine: 200 - 300 Baht.

    Massage Parlors

    Quite often referred to as the "Fish Bowl" because all the available massage girls are seated behind a plate glass window. The girls are clothed. Most of these parlors feature hotel style rooms with a very large bath. We call them a "Soapy Massage"

    Bar Fine: None. There is a flat fee 1000 -1800 Baht. A tip could be offered based on performance.


    Don't be mislead by the word "Disco". These venues in Thailand are quite different to the Disco's in America, England, Europe or Australia.

    Thais gather at the Discos for a "SANOOK" (fun) time.

    The entertainment in these Discos is non-stop. Dancers with choreographed routines accompany most live acts on stage. The music is 80% live bands. The girls are "freelancers"

    Bar Fine: None. The girls are freelancers.


    That’s where they are, on the street, the Beach Road promenade or inside a shopping center like Royal Garden Plaza.

    Bar Fine: None. The girls are freelancers.

    Shopping Malls

    Some girls have been meeting potential clients in several shopping malls around Pattaya. One popular mall for the girls to stalk out customers is the Royal Garden Plaza. A mixture of girls solicit clients in the malls and care should be taken. Read more about this topic in "After-The-Rush".

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    Here are some terms you will hear spoken in Thailand

    • Bar Fine - The fee paid to the owner of the bar to compensate for the girl’s absence or in the case of a short time bar the girls absence and room rental.
    • Butterfly - Courting many girls. Flitting from girl to girl.
    • Falang - A foreigner. You, if you are not Asian.
    • Fan - Thai for girlfriend / boyfriend
    • Freelancer - A prostitute who is not employed by any particular bar and consequently requires no "bar fine"
    • Katoey - A cross dresser, ladyboy

    • Kee Nee Oh - Thai for Cheap Charlie or mean.
    • Mamasan / Papasan - The female or male supervisor of the girls.
    • Mare Barn - The woman who is boss of the house or the housekeeper.
    • Lady drink - A drink you buy for a bar girl. Usually soft drink and 90 to 120 baht per drink.
    • Sanook - To have fun
    • Short Time - Horizontal activity for an hour to 90 minutes or when you come you go.
    • Smoke - Nothing to do with cigarettes but BJ.
    • TIT- "This Is Thailand". An acronym quite often used when there is no logical explanation.
    • Soi - A small street.
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    Pattaya bar hopping map guide
    Thanks Mike for this splendid Pattaya bar hopping map.

    You can also view Mike's Thai cartoons on his website. Passing on a smile to any Pattaya addict is Mike's forte.

    Mike's cartoons will show you the funny side of life in Thailand.
    Click on a cartoon image at the left to view a larger image.

    If you like the map above you can purchase an A3 version from Mike's website. Mike also offers posters, mats and postcards.

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